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Car Rental Companies in India

The business and the need for car rental companies is growing day by day. I was amazed to see a search result all filled up with so many car rental companies for so many pages with a stiff competition to come to the top of search engine ranking pages. It was just a sardarji sitting at the main road outside your colony with 2-3 cars parcked infront of his hut and just 2-3 people waiting for someone to come and ask for a taxi. However today the scenario is changed. You have so many companies coming to the fore front and offering you so many variations and offers in the field of Car Renting or Car Hire changing the entire way of car rentals today. There is a nich of competition amonst various car rental companies in Delhi and many other parts of India as well. Below is a list of various car rental companies.

  • Avis Car Rent Company
  • Hertz Car Rent Company
  • Car Hire in Delhi - Ph: 9555 666 666
    Operating in multicities including Delhi
  • Japji Travel Ph: 01125778684
  • Paul Tours

And more..

Along with the above there are other care rental services which are like Cab Services or Taxi services in various parts of India like Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Gurgaon.

Various Cabs companies like

  • Meru Cabs
  • Mango Cabs
  • Easy Cabs
  • Quick Cabs
  • Taxi in Delhi | Cabs in Delhi
  • Hello Cabs
  • Aarya Cabs

and so on.

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Ranjit Singh: is also providing taxi hire service at delhi airport 01125778684
Admin: Thanks for the info. updated list.

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